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PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCEkeeps your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration in top working order. Even if you haven't had a problem yet, your heating and cooling systems can break down without warning. If that happens during the busy heating or cooling months, it can be difficult to get it repaired quickly. Poorly maintained systems also cost much more to operate because they use much more energy than a system that is regularly maintained.

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PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS  cover a number of regularly scheduled maintenance visits each year. During these visits, a technician will thoroughly inspect your equipment, clean, and test the components for proper operation. When needed, worn parts, such as belts and air filters are replaced.

In many cases, two service appointments per year are sufficient to keep your HVAC/R system in good working order. However, you may need more visits if your system is running 24/7, if your equipment is exposed to poor air quality conditions, or if you have complex equipment that requires more frequent monitoring.

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